Welcome to Papilles On The Table

Welcome to Papilles on the table

This is it. The exciting time when we press “live” to a website we have been working on for months and been thinking about for years.

Papilles on the table is the result of not being able to open my own shop (thank you Covid) but still wanting to do something for myself and sharing my love of anything around the table.

I have carefully selected the first few partners to jump in the world of Online Sale with me.

I am taking little steps to make sure that I offer the best products to my future customers.

I have a lot of ideas in my head but will get them out progressively.

This project is very close to my heart and even more so this year.

The idea of making time to have a meal together if possible or if you are alone making the dinner time special enough so you feel good.

Helping the small producers and artisans to survive and thrive during the pandemic and thinking twice before using big companies without any soul.

So I really hope you enjoy what you see on the website and even more what you receive through the door.

Happy browsing and shopping.