Picking the right partner for my adventure

I grew up in France (I know I have mentioned that part already, sorry) where farmer markets are everywhere and luckily for me. My family was and still is adept at choosing fresh products sold by someone who is passionate about his/her chosen field.

The artisans must share their story. How they started, the decision made, being right or wrong, the creative process.

I too also kept this approach when I shop, the restaurant I work for, or even where I choose to eat. 

So, it made sense that when I decided to start my own online shop, picking the products and the artisans would be one of the most exciting part of the process.

I wanted to start my shop with products that I hand-picked, I know well and that I am proud of selling. 

On this journey, I look forward to finding the next hidden gems that I would proudly use myself and share with my customers.

Therefore, the next few posts will highlight the people and their products and share my story.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.