Presenting the artisan : Eben’creation

When I decided to create my own shop, Charlotte would always be the first artisan I would work with.

Not only I love what she does, but she is also my older sister. I have seen her project grow, I have seen her struggle but, she always believed in what she was doing. Thanks to her perseverance, 5 years after creating Eben’creation, she is succeeding.

Charlotte created her company Eben’creation in 2015 in the small village of Arinthod in Jura in an old factory which she renovated to fit her workshop and her home.

Her recent inspiration for Japanese design helps her to create a line of furniture, kitchen tools and little pieces very clean and simple. She loves to add a touch of nature in each piece.

Charlotte adapts each piece to the sensitivity of her customers and brings some poetry to the every day design.

She is very involved in her community as an artisan and small business. She also makes sure her work is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Eben’creation is a business to follow. Her work is mostly present in her region and has an online platform. I am trying to make her known to the rest of Europe now!

Charlotte Pierron. Eben’cration.