Presenting the artisan : Alalunga

I have been learning Spanish on my own for years now and to put it into practice I try to travel to Spain at least once a year – when there is no pandemic or no twin babies around me obviously.

A couple of years ago, I travelled to Valencia with my partner. In between training for the Great North Run and going to the beach, we ate and drank well.

We were lucky to find Terra a Vins, a fantastic wine bar run by a very great guy. His wine list and knowledge were amazing but what made my night was to discover the “cocochas”.

Never heard or tried it before but it was amazing. So much so that I had to buy a tin to take home with me.

The tin was so sexy in its shiny blue box made by Alalunga, more precisely two brothers, Alvaro and Pablo.

Back to London and working on Papilles, I had no doubt about using Alalunga’s cocochas. 

I looked at their website to find much more options and who was behind this. 

I contacted Pablo and presented my project. 

Pablo and his brother Alvaro work together. It is not a business which run in the family but their love for the sea and their region Cantabria in Northern Spain pushed them to give it a go.

They wanted to keep the tradition of canning industry while adding modern technology in order to offer amazing products.

I love the quality of their produce coming in a beautiful packaging. They bring something new to what we know about tins.

It is not just fish in oil or brine, some of their tins are a meal for themselves and they are tasty and colourful.

They fit well into Papilles profile as they are a small and passionate team. I am yet to meet them face to face and cannot wait to do so.