My story

Alice, founder

I was born in France, in region Burgundy and grew up in a family where food was very important. Where it came from, how it was prepared and how to eat it.

The beginning

From an early age, I fell in love with cooking and table service.
I attended a catering school in Dijon before moving to UK where I could evolve and work my way up to managing restaurants and shops.

My love for cooking and eating never left while cooking at home and working in the kitchen at a French restaurant.

Dream to reality

I spent all my time in England dreaming of opening my own restaurant and later my own little shop and wine bar.

The current situation stopped me to have a real shop, but my motivation was too strong to give up.

"Papilles on the Table" was born.
An online shop to share my love for produces, tableware and everything around food, gastronomy and hospitality.

Featured In

The New York Times
Time Magazine
Tech Crunch
Fast Company
Business Insider
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