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Papilles On The Table is a new online shop which has been thought about for many years.
We have chosen to start focusing on the tableware, kitchen ware and fine food. Working with few artisans close to our hearts.

We will develop the offering step by step by introducing more local producers and some a little further away, but always for the same reason. The passion for what they do.

Papilles means taste buds that are tiny end organs mediating the sensation of taste. One of the most important tools to enjoy a meal.

The products offered on our pages will make sure your “papilles” are awake…

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Papilles on the table - in the kitchen

In the kitchen

Where the magic happens…

I can spend hours in the kitchen opening cookbooks or the fridge to find inspiration. The arrangement, the equipment and your tools are so important to be efficient and to love what you prepare.

Even a small kitchen can be perfect to create a great meal. Look after it will give you the love back!

Papilles on the table - in the pantry

In the pantry

Not everyone can afford a pantry, a specific space for all your dry food shopping, but if you have a cupboard or a couple of shelves it can do the trick.

Inspiration may come while you’re scrolling recipe books or even childhood memories. I find quite exciting the idea of creating a meal with what I have in my pantry and fridge...

Join the challenge !

Papilles on the table - on the table

On the table

Final destination before enjoying all the hard work.

Alone or with friends and family you should try to give the same amount of love, attention and respect to your table setting. Even a quick dinner with a lovely glass, plate and cutlery will be brought to the next level.

I always choose the plate according to what I am cooking to highlight the food. Give it a try and you will be even more proud of yourself of the result.

Our philosophy

Dinner time should be more important than just a quick meal on the sofa in front of the TV.
Food is not only good for your body, it is good for your mind and taking the extra step to make it special can change the way you feel.
And it doesn’t have to be only for special occasions!

At Papilles On The Table, we love everything around food. Ingredients, tools, books and dressing the table to get it all together.

We want to find the best produce grown or made from people who have as much passion as we have, and we want to help you discover that passion or feed it if it is already there.

Here at your service to make your meals a new experience.

Read more about Alice...

Our promise

Quality of our suppliers

We’ve handpicked some of the most talented and trusted suppliers both near and far to give you the very best quality produce. You will be able to get their stories along the way.

Quality of produce

All of our products, personally sampled by us to guarantee a purchase worthy to deliver recipes, will be available to give you some ideas.

Shipping orders

We can ship orders to UK and Europe.
Some items are made to order which is specified on the item description.
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